Hello, I'm Otis Hu, a designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. After graduating from the Art & Design School of Massey University with a Bachelor (with Honours) Degree of Visual Communication Design in 2012, I engaged in varies branding and packaging design projects for local and oversea businesses. I work at Peg Creative as a part time designer & photographer. I also run my online boutique Papermint Studio. 

I was born in Wuhan and raised in Guangzhou, China and moved to Auckland, New Zealand in 2003 - where I proudly call home now! I am in love with good designs and hand-crafting. Living in the city of sails has been wonderful experience. I love all the interesting things this city has to offer. My inspiration comes from the nature scenery of New Zealand, optimistic words, beautiful stories and illustrations of children's book.    

My design is fresh and inspirational. I enjoy putting a smile to people's faces and surprise them with my design aesthetic and unique way of humour. I believe in breathable and functional design. If this sounds like you too, we should be working together!  

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